Water transfer printed Atari 1040 ST FM and mouse


It took some time to carve it out…

Ever since I finished the 3D render of the Woody I thought it would be cool to have it for real. I bought a cheap ST for this but unfortunately the work turned out to be much bigger than expected due to the courier company that smashed the whole case. Internals were good apart from the floppy drive, that I repaired. I didn’t save the bottom it was way too damaged, but the top’s worth a try and after some time, epoxy, milliput, sanding the result is pretty good. Primer applied then hydro dipped. To get to this point I had to try few films and primers so was not that easy but I wanted this one to look how I imagined. I dipped the key caps individually to multiply the fun by 95. Two clear coats are also applied on finished surfaces. The key stickers are custom made for this project (and another where white keys needed) and the floppy bezel plus eject button are also painted with the primer. There are some activation problems on the large surfaces but hey…it’s DIY and not too bothering when it’s in front of you.


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