I have most of the Atari ST UK Pack releases but this one was missing from my collection.

I had the software with box and manual, a nice boxed STE so I decided to reproduce the sleeve to complete the pack.

I got help from Catmando from the atari-forum (Thanks) who sent me high-res images of his pack.

During my research I found that there are 3 different versions of this sleeve, very little differences.

The end result:

The 3 different versions I found on the web are:

Graphic Elements

The Kid: Luckily I have the Discovery Xtra box for the software and this graphics is on it. So after scanning I removed the Discovery Xtra text, the background and also made other improvements.

Texts: All the texts are re-drawn in Illustrator in vector format. I used reference photos to find the correct fonts.

Final Fight: Downloaded the game’s box scan and modelled the logo.
Luckily this screenshot from the game is right at the beginning so I downloaded the emulator file and fired up Hatari.
Took couple of the screenshots and then PhotoShopped them together to set the names and power indicators in the correct positions.

Sim City: I own the game so scanned the owners manual, where the text is black and then did the trace in Illustrator.
Changed it to yellow and the logo was ready.  I found that the screenshot is from the San Francisco scenario..so in Hatari again, I went there and found the place for the screenshot. I took a couple and used parts of them to get the screenshot closest to original.

9Lives: Re-drawn the logo completely in Illustrator.
Downloaded a longplay video from YouTube and grabbed frames from it. Used different frames to match the lives left at the bottom. Added the PAWS at the end in Illustrator.

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters: The logo is fully redrawn and 3-4 screenshots used to match up scores/bombs/other indicators.

Top: The interesting thing here is the STE computer image which I wanted to Photoshop first but then I remembered something and looked at my shelf…Oh yes, the Turbo pack has this image all over. Ok so let’s scan. Saved myself some time here.

Back: I used Catmando’s images as reference to get most of the fonts recognized. So typing the text in wasn’t really a challenge but the Productivity packs…

The Productivity pack covers are another story. I bought some of them and scanned them, so I had a good base but then realized  I can’t get them all and also different scans looked differently, scans are grainy, etc. So decided to uniform them. Using my best scan I removed all the icons (feather, chart, etc) in Photoshop to get the pure background. Also tidied up the text . Then in Illustrator I recreated all logos for the individual elements.  Used folders in Photoshop for each pack, so I just had to switch them on and off when did the final export. The bottom text is also different on some of them, there are 3 kind in total.

Bottom: Barcode is a standard code so I just punched the numbers in then saved and used the generated image.

The artwork is printed on strong vinyl coated paper, easy to bend and resist dust and tear.